Re: RFC: gtk-doc and gobject introspection

On 08/13/11 20:37, Luca Bruno wrote:
> For example, I personally prefer the documentation to be using
> language-specific tools, because I'm using that programming language.
> I don't care about uniformity among all the languages, rather I care
> about bindings consistency (which is often per-language due to additional
> mapping/overrides/metadata) and language documentation consistency.
Both way have theirs merrits. My initial mail was meant to get feedback
to understand what we want. I am fine if bindings people would prefer to
get bindings docs into the same look and feel as the language docs. If
just feel its going to look like a mess on then.
> What if a new language adds bindings for GI? Do you want to add the new
> language to the gtk-doc tool? I'd rather provide a better common platform for
> creating consistent per-language documentation.
> Hope I haven't missed important points of the discussion.
The other question really was that whether people that work on language
bindings docs are happy with the tools or not. I have no idea how
bindings docs are done (probably different for each language). I was
assuming that there is potential to share techniques and make things
more automated.


> Best regards,

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