Re: Online Accounts panel for 3.2

On Tue, 2011-04-19 at 09:08 -0400, David Zeuthen wrote:

> This daemon/library thing, let's call it GOA (Gnome Online Accounts),
> would _not_ be a mechanism to access any of these services. But it
> would provide e.g. libsocialweb, telepathy, e-d-s and so on with
> either the username/password combo or the OAuth token, whatever is
> appropriate.
> I would imagine Telepathy/Empathy to use GOA to get the Chat accounts
> that is configured in GOA (in the above example, it would be Google
> Talk from zeuthen gmail com and Facebook Chat for davidz25). I would
> use an Empathy specific preferences window (not appearing in
> gnome-control-center I think) to add e.g. my ICQ account.

This is very doable.

On Meego Netbook we wrote a Telepathy Mission Control plugin that got
the accounts from libsocialweb. Within Empathy's accounts capplet it
then showed the Facebook account name, an enable/disable toggle (which
was also shown in Web Accounts) and a button that launched the Web
Accounts editor.

There is also a different SSO plugin for Meego Handset. I mention the
former one because it was specifically designed for the desktop and to
integrate with Empathy.


The Web Accounts dialog on Meego is called 'bisho'. It's pluggable,
allowing the provision for extra authentication mechanisms (e.g. for
Facebook we required both the OAuth2 token AND a legacy Facebook Connect
token *).

* Tokens are stored in the keyring.

Danielle Madeley
Software Developer, Collabora Ltd.                  Melbourne, Australia

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