Re: Online Accounts panel for 3.2

David Zeuthen wrote:

> I would imagine Telepathy/Empathy to use GOA to get the Chat accounts
> that is configured in GOA (in the above example, it would be Google
> Talk from zeuthen gmail com and Facebook Chat for davidz25). I would
> use an Empathy specific preferences window (not appearing in
> gnome-control-center I think) to add e.g. my ICQ account.

Could you elaborate on this, e.g. why would ICQ and other types of
online accounts be deported to a specific preferences window?

This is somehow related to the "Contacts" thread, where it is said we
could replace the empathy contact list with the shell; in this scheme
there's no place any longer for that specific preferences window, and
it makes sense (to me) to have it in the online accounts panel, along


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