GNOME 2.32 and introspection

As Archlinux developer, I'm trying to package GNOME 2.32.0 for our
repositories. So far, most things work out fine, but one thing that
doesn't work out fine is introspection.
The seed-based games written in javascript segfault when initializing
ClutterGtk [1] and when I fix that by reverting a change in
initialization, the games don't work because of various type errors. The
games worked fine with 2.30.x, but don't work with 2.32.x anymore. The
games themselves haven't changed much, so this is most likely a
regression in either Seed or the introspection things.

What should we do with this? We're at the point of disabling Seed
support in both Epiphany and gnome-games and just ignore broken
introspection support that worked fine with 2.30.x.


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