GApplication is going away


GApplication is going to be removed from GLib soon.

This was decided at GUADEC, but due to some external factors (vacation
and other projects at work) the task of replacing it has proceeded
slowly.  Add to that that it's really a difficult task to get right.

The short story is this: anyone who is using GApplication right now is
going to have a bumpy ride in the near future.  You may want to consider
going back to libunique for this cycle.

I am going to try hard to get the replacement in a state that it can be
merged before the glib release (still planned for this month) but I may
not succeed.  In fact, I'm not sure that I want to succeed -- we're
planning a glib release for December already and a few more months of
review might produce a better product in the end.

If we decided to remove GApplication support entirely then we will
probably also remove the related classes that were added for it.


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