Withdraw Caribou from 2.30

Hi folks.

I'm sorry to disappoint y'all (and myself). Caribou is not up to the standard that we expect GNOME modules to be in at this stage of the cycle. Since we are just two weeks away from a hard code freeze, I don't see a dramatic flurry of work as possible to get Caribou into production shape. I don't think there is a formal process for withdrawing a module, but I would like to have Caribou set aside from this GNOME release.

This comes at a very high cost, specifically the lack of an on screen keyboard in the next release, since GOK is discontinued and has multiple deprecated dependencies. Distributions will probably find a way around this (Ubuntu even has it's own keyboard, Onboard). But it's bad news, and I take responsibility for this.

Hopefully, we will be in much better shape soon, and could confidently propose Caribou for 3.0.


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