Re: New module proposal: LightDM

>> > - LightDM doesn't appear to pull in your gtkrc or anything from
>> > gnome-settings-daemon (eg a11y properties and the like). Will this be
>> > resolved?
>> In the greeter or the user session?
> The greeter should be ally compliant(TM).  Is it?
The greeter is a GTK+ application using standard widgets so it has all
the usual a11y support.  BUT, it is not running a session so you
cannot launch orca and anything else that would run in a standard
GNOME session.  It may need to launch additional services to provide
all the required features.

The greeter currently provides the following a11y features:
- Ability to switch to a large font size
- Ability to enable high contrast theme

Yes, the greeter would have to a11y compliant, and the current greeter
may not be sufficient.  Note that it would seem quite appropriate that
a new greeter would be developed for GNOME that better fitted in with
GNOME shell technology - the current greeter is more of a proof of

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