Re: package dependencies

Le samedi 09 octobre 2010 à 22:57 -0400, Kevin McKinney a écrit :
> Hi Developers,
> I am attempting to compile the source code of a package that is
> looking for an old version of a dependency.  The package is looking
> for “hal 0.5.10”; however, I have “hal 0.5.14” installed on my system.
>  Can someone provide me with some pointers on how to upgrade a
> dependency within a package? The package I am updating is
> gnome-device-manager.
Are you sure you actually have the HAL *development* files installed?
You need a libhal-dev on Debian/Ubuntu, and something like libhal-devel
on RPM distributions.

I've checked, and it only checks for a version superior to
0.5.10 - it doesn't require this precise version. If the previous
doesn't work, please paste the actual error you get. (BTW, you can play
with required versions by editing, changing the value of
LIBHAL_REQUIRED, and running ./ afterwards.)

> I understand this package may be obsolete; but I would like to bring
> it back to life by converting the architecture from hal to udev.  Any
> information would be helpful.
Then, you can to grab David Zeuthen (davidz on IRC) to know what he
thinks, since he's the guy who wrote this application and did the HAL to
udev move.


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