Re: Moduleset Reorganization -- Take two

Le jeudi 07 octobre 2010 à 13:38 +0200, Vincent Untz a écrit : 
> API/ABI Stable Platfom
> ======================
> The API/ABI Stable Platfom works in the exact same way as the GNOME 2.x
> moduleset, but it can also include dbus services that guarantee
> stability of their dbus interfaces.

I’m thrilled to finally see guaranteed ABI stability on D-Bus
interfaces. This has been one of the major problems we had to deal with
upon upgrades. Unlike shared libraries, t is ver

> The Core Desktop is the set of components that are needed to get a
> desktop session running and to have it provide core functionalities
> (display manager, session manager, desktop shell, file manager, settings
> manager, etc.).

Where do you draw the line with some applications that should be part of
any desktop, like eog and evince?

>   + we strongly encourage the application developers to follow the GNOME
>     development cycle. If a different development cycle is used, it has
>     to be documented to help contributors.

Without that, how do you decide, at the time of the release, which
version of the application will go into the release?

This is not an innocent question; when something changes (often in an
incompatible way) in the extended platform, you need to ensure that all
applications work consistently with it. 

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