Re: Please ship changelogs in your tarballs

Benjamin Otte <otte gnome org> a écrit:


> Hrm, in 90% of the cases where I need information about why changes were made, I
> need git blame/cvs annotate style output, and a ChangeLog cannot give me this
> information. (Also, the tools to filter ChangeLogs suck, or are there
> equivalents to git log -- $file?)

When you have the git metadata around it sure is extremely powerful. I
don't object that.

> So I think it would be a lot better if instead of just generating a ChangeLog,
> we would ship the full git history in the tarball. That way you have a history
> that is as useful as possible.

Heh :-) I am not asking that much. Beside the size related implications
I figure people would point out, I like to see tarballs like a
DVCS-neutral way of distributing source code; as such, I wouldn't ask
for shipping git history there. It's hard for me to put my git-fan-hat
off but I believe there are times when such a sacrifice becomes


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