Re: Moduleset Reorganization -- Take two


> Initially, for GNOME 3.0, it will be populated with the modules from the
> GNOME 2.x Desktop moduleset. However, we would like to slowly migrate
> some modules to the Applications moduleset.

I guess everything related to accessibility will stay in "Desktop", right?

> It's worth mentioning that we understand that a unique workflow is
> important in general, and especially for translators. Using
> is nice, and it's probably worth investigating some way
> to have interact with, as well as
> registering the GNOME translation teams in, to support
> applications hosted outside of the GNOME infrastructure. This way,
> translators would still be able to simply look at

What about Launchpad? I think if we want to integrate which other hosting
possibilities we definitely need a working i18n-solution with Transiflex
and Launchpad before accepting applications from there. Probably something
the sysadmin-team and the i18n-team should focus on in this cycle.

But that might also involve a "political" decision with existing Launchpad
teams to accept that certain projects are translated using the GNOME

> We want to bootstrap applications with the ones that were proposed for
> inclusion for 3.0: deja-dup, pdfmod, simple-scan. In addition to those,
> we want to invite applications that have been historically close to our
> project (banshee, f-spot, rhythmbox), as well as various popular
> applications.

I see no mention of the applications currently in "Admin" or "Development
Tools" section. I guess those should be moved to "Applications" initially.


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