Re: Module Proposal: Zeitgeist

i really feel sorry for that decision, i would have loved to see
zeitgeist as a growing project inside the gnome infrastructure.

furthermore i hope that the gnome community does not loose interest in
this project, even if such a decision makes it harder to track whats
going on.

at last i hope, that you guys at least consider making zeitgeist a project.


On Mo, 2010-05-03 at 00:37 +0200, Seif Lotfy wrote:
> Dear GNOMErs,
> GNOME Activity Journal is being moved to the GNOME Development
> Infrastructure...
>  However after some heavy discussion within the Zeitgeist team, we
> decided to keep Zeitgeist in Launchpad, and not move it to the GNOME
> Development Infrastructure. While Zeitgeist has been developed for
> GNOME it doesn't heavily depend on any GNOME modules.
>  Thus Zeitgeist could also gain adoption outside the GNOME ecosystem
> if it remains slightly independent, which would only serve to
> strengthen its reliability and usefulness on the GNOME desktop too.
>  Our current workflow and teamwork has adopted perfectly to Launchpad.
> We don't intend to move to Git now or in the foreseen future, since it
> will disturb our organizational and development habits.
>  So in case Zeitgeist can not be a GNOME module because of its
> development infrastructure, we hereby withdraw our proposal of
> Zeitgeist being a GNOME module and propose it as an external
> dependency for GNOME Activity Journal, so it will always have a close
> relation to GNOME.
> Cheers
> Seif
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