Re: Module Proposal: Zeitgeist

Dear GNOMErs,

GNOME Activity Journal is being moved to the GNOME Development Infrastructure...

 However after some heavy discussion within the Zeitgeist team, we decided to keep Zeitgeist in Launchpad, and not move it to the GNOME Development Infrastructure. While Zeitgeist has been developed for GNOME it doesn't heavily depend on any GNOME modules.

 Thus Zeitgeist could also gain adoption outside the GNOME ecosystem if it remains slightly independent, which would only serve to strengthen its reliability and usefulness on the GNOME desktop too.

 Our current workflow and teamwork has adopted perfectly to Launchpad. We don't intend to move to Git now or in the foreseen future, since it will disturb our organizational and development habits.

 So in case Zeitgeist can not be a GNOME module because of its development infrastructure, we hereby withdraw our proposal of Zeitgeist being a GNOME module and propose it as an external dependency for GNOME Activity Journal, so it will always have a close relation to GNOME.


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