Re: Label in tray = P in the A

Il giorno mer, 24/03/2010 alle 14.17 +0000, Sergey Udaltsov ha scritto:
> Translated. Typically, 3 letters (well, at least that's my
> recommendation as maintainer of xkeyboard-config).

About this, a quick note about xkeyboard-config I always forgot to
report. Why don't use directly ISO 3166-1 alpha-3[1]?

As Italian translator of xkeyboard-config, I've to say it's a little
mess to check where a 3 letter message come from. Currently the 3 letter
letter code for many countries seems to use the ISO spec, but some
countries have a custom code: for example Bangladesh is "Ban" while the
ISO code is BGD, same for Bhutan (Bhu instead BTN) or Greece (Gre
instead GRC) and maybe others.

Using directly uppercase ISO would help translators and users, allowing
to have unique 3 letter codes for each country with no cost (translators
could simply copy original message to translated message, if no
transliteration in needed).


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