Re: Reminder : do NOT hardcode deprecation flags in tarball / new tarballs NEEDED

On 10/03/10 19:05, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> Since I'm the release team member taking care of 2.29.92 release, I'm
> going to rant again against modules which are hardcoding deprecation
> flags in their (or, even when building from
> tarballs. Please, avoid that, it is killing us, since many released
> modules are not building with latest gtk+ 2.19.7 (new deprecated added).
> If you want to use deprecation flags, check in if you are
> in a git checkout and enable them in that case, but do not enable them
> by default in tarballs.

This is also harmful to distributors as it means some packages will start to
FTBFS when updating a different one (e.g. because it adds new deprecations). So
full ACK.


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