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On Sun, 2010-03-07 at 15:16 -0600, Shaun McCance wrote:
> Hi folks,


> On top of this, I would like to have a section where we
> highlight application plugin APIs.  I'll be hunting for
> places where developers can plug into our desktop.  If
> you want your application highlighted, send me an email
> to make sure I don't overlook it.

Totem and Rhythmbox are notable examples.

> I'm going to begin sketching out the content plan for
> the Platform Overview based on this.  If I've forgotten
> something, please tell me.  If you feel strongly that
> anything I mentioned should not be pushed, speak up.

What about libnotify, libunique and libxml2? They're fairly commonly
used, but I'm not sure if we should be pushing them. There's still talk
of including the functionality of the first two in GTK+/GLib, while
libxml2 is hardly a shining example of a usable or well-documented

What about jhbuild, Alleyoop and D-Feet for applications? jhbuild is
vital for anyone wanting to build GNOME, Alleyoop is in the same vein as
Nemiver, and D-Feet should be pushed if you're pushing D-Bus.

I've got no problems with the rest of the list. :-)


> After the Overview content is planned, I'll begin work
> on planning the introductions.  These are the going to
> be the first thing a lot of new developers see, so we
> have to make them rock.
> Happy hacking.

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