Re: 2.31.3 release will be a bit late -- current status


2010/6/10 Florian Müllner <florian muellner gmail com>:
> El jue, 10-06-2010 a las 12:49 +0200, Jan de Groot escribió:
>> It has been renamed, but so far there's no tarball release of gtk+ with
>> that change included.
> Oh, I was just trying to express that a simple rename is going to break
> g-d-s again in the future - I didn't mean to imply that there's no fix
> required right now. Sorry for being unclear.

Ok, will discuss this with Matthias once he's online today. Asking
modules maintainers to use a temporary (as in "present in only one
release") api doesn't sound like a good idea...



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