2.31.3 release will be a bit late -- current status

Hi all,

I won't be able to release GNOME 2.31.3 today due to various build
failures. Here they are:

+ evolution-data-server fails to build:

e-source-selector.c: In function ‘source_selector_drag_motion’:
e-source-selector.c:968: error: ‘GdkDragContext’ has no member named ‘actions’
e-source-selector.c:971: error: ‘GdkDragContext’ has no member named
e-source-selector.c: In function ‘source_selector_drag_data_received’:
e-source-selector.c:1037: error: ‘GdkDragContext’ has no member named ‘action’
e-source-selector.c:1052: error: ‘GdkDragContext’ has no member named ‘action’

+ gnome-settings-daemon depends on unreleased libgnomekbd 2.31.2

Need new tarball for libgnomekbd or a new gnome-settings-daemon
tarball with proper deps.

+ eog installs invalid gsettings schemas (key names using '_')

Doesn't fail eog's build but brings some problems when installing new schemas.

+ sound-juicer fails to build:

sj-play.c:99: error: conflicting types for ‘pause’
/usr/include/unistd.h:465: note: previous declaration of ‘pause’ was here

+ gnome-python-desktop fails to build:

evince.c: In function ‘_wrap_ev_document_misc_paint_one_page’:
evince.c:5291: error: too few arguments to function

The fixes should probably be simple and quick to make. Any help is more welcome!



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