Re: Modulesets Reorganization

Am Mittwoch, den 02.06.2010, 11:59 +0100 schrieb Lucas Rocha:
> > I am really sorry to say it, but this feels like the gnome chronic
> > inability to make decisions: we are not able to pick RhythmBox or
> > Banshee, we are not able to deal with Zeitgeist being on LaunchPad,
> > etc... so the only decision we are able to make is to cop out on
> > making decisions.
> I don't see this as a move to avoid decisions. It's more about being
> inclusive with app developers. Why do we have to choose between
> high-quality competing apps? If they follow GNOME guidelines, use our
> platform, are well implemented, have a lively user community, I'd
> prefer to have both considered as first-class citizens in GNOME. 

It depends on the "GNOME guidelines" to follow. If these are the ones
needed to be fulfilled for entering the "Desktop" module set (under the
current/old policy), e.g. six months release cycle, hosted on and using
GNOME infrastructure etc, then I'd guess everything would be fine.

The only change then would be that we'd bless multiple similar
applications. The decision should not be "Rhythmbox *or* Banshee", but
"Is Rhythmbox good enough?" and "Is Banshee good enough?".


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