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Le jeudi 08 juillet 2010 à 16:09 -0500, Brian Cameron a écrit :
> One crude way to resolve this problem would be to simply not install
> (or uninstall) packages that introduce desktop files.  However, this is
> not an ideal solution for many reasons.  It is especially a problem for
> Oracle because Oracle's terminal server product, Sun Ray, runs on many
> Linux distros (Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, openSuse, Gentoo), so it would
> be ideal if there were a solution that just worked nicely across
> distros.  A sysadmin should be able to specify what desktop files to
> ignore without requiring distro specific setup (such as uninstalling
> packages or hand-editing desktop files).  It would be best if any
> needed changes could just be installed with the Sun Ray product and
> things would "just work".

In Debian we have a hack for gnome-menus that adds a blacklist of
applications you don’t want to see in the menus. It was easier to do
that than patching all the KDE desktop files to add OnlyShowIn/NotShowIn
options. Currently it’s very distribution-specific as it regenerates
desktop files on the fly, but maybe this behavior could be implemented
in gnome-menus if deemed useful.

A similar patch would be needed for gnome-session to disable some of the
startup files.

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