Removing GnomeDesktopItem API from gnome-desktop


I want to remove the GnomeDesktopItem API from gnome-desktop. It's an
old API that is not needed anymore in our world with GKeyFile and

Thanks to Andre, here's a list of modules using it. I've put them in
some categories:

 With patches:
  - gnome-applets
  - gnome-control-center:
  - nautilus-open-terminal

 Bindings (shouldn't be an issue):
  - gnome-python-desktop
  - vala

 Need patch (but not blocking since not ported to GTK+ 3 yet):
  - libslab
  - gnome-main-menu

 Not developed anymore:
  - bigboard
  - desktop-data-model
  - galeon

So it all looks good. Unless there's a good objection, I'll remove the
API from master, even though it wasn't marked as deprecated earlier.



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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