Re: GSettings migration status

Le vendredi 02 juillet 2010 à 02:24 +0200, Vincent Untz a écrit :
> Here we go:
> I'd appreciate if people can take a quick look. If everything is okay,
> I'll push that to in a proper repository.
> Right now, it contains a simple conversion of a few gconf schemas from
> libgnome and gnome-vfs:
>  org.gnome.Desktop.background.gschema.xml
>  org.gnome.Desktop.default-applications.gschema.xml
>  org.gnome.Desktop.interface.gschema.xml
>  org.gnome.Desktop.lockdown.gschema.xml
>  org.gnome.Desktop.url-handlers.gschema.xml
> I'm pretty sure there are some keys there we want to remove, or to
> rename, or something else, so patches welcome, etc. If something is
> missing, just tell me.
Thanks for tackling this! I've had a look at the parts I'm interested in
to port Metacity (default apps, animations, accessibility), and they
look right. Hard to get wrong anyway, since these are really simple

Note it may be nice for translators to use the <_description> hack until
proper gschema support lands in intltool, so that they can start working
on the package. Even better if you found a way to import the old
translations from libgnome and gnome-vfs... ;-)

On a side note, I'd like somebody to point me to the module responsible
for the /desktop/gnome/peripherals/mouse/cursor_theme key. I can't find
where it was defined in GConf. Do we want this key to be included here?
I'm not sure, since most modules don't need to access it; OTOH it's very
close to the theming prefs that are already present. Else, we can make
Metacity depend on the provider of this key, if it doesn't already.


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