GNOME releases need module releases! (GStreamer!)

Hello all, did you notice the exclamation marks in the subject line ?
There will be none in the body, be sure to relax.

Totem commit 0c11f1b (fixing bug #596164) added a dependency on an
unreleased GStreamer, *three months ago*, and it's still the case
today. And this is annoying.

But what is even more annoying is that we released GNOME 2.29.1,
2.29.2, 2.29.3, 2.29.4 and 2.29.5 and no release of Totem could go
into them.

The solution here is really into the of GStreamer developers (can we
get a release please?).

But there other modules without such a dependency on important changes
that didn't see any 2.29 release yet, and have thus the same lack of
exposure to users, for example GNOME Disk Utility or GNOME Icon Theme.

So please, dear maintainers, do make releases, so bleeding edge
distributions and users can see what you're up to.



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