Re: New propossed GnomeGoal: Add code coverage support

Stefan Kost wrote:
> Am 04.01.2010 19:53, schrieb Javier Jardón:
>> Hello,
>> The objective of the GnomeGoal is to add code coverage of your code
>> with GCOV [1]
> Good goal! I wonder how many of the gnome projects even have a test suite, which
> is the prerequisite :)
> GCov has the drawback that one needs to rebuild the package with coverage flags
> enabled. Just a few days ago I found
> which does not needs that. I also produces (almost) same results reports like
> lcov. I has some missing feature and drawback though. I plan to have a look at
> some of the shortcommings.
bcov is now in git on and my patches have been merged. You can
use bcov as a drop in replacement for gcov+lcov. It has little
dependencies - give it a try!


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