Re: Module Proposal: Rygel

> Samba is software for big installations, and primarily used on
> non-desktop servers.
Well, it _serves_ files, so it is natural to expect it to be on
servers. But I do not know what exactly positions it as "for big
installations". Samba is found in set-top-boxes, on mobile devices (I
just seen it on n810) etc.

> tbh I'd find it quite useful if we could run samba from inside a user
> session too, the same way we can run apache in it for gnome-user-share.
I am quite happy that samba does not provide that feature (I suspect
there might be some issue with sharing tcp ports). There is no need to
create many processes where one process can do everything. Think
Occam's razor;)

> It would be kinda weird if a system Rygel would share the audio streams
> of a user PulseAudio instance.
Why not? Is it a technical issue or architectural? Sorry, I am not
familiar with the PA internals, so some details would be nice to
have... Actually, it was already mentioned that Rygel can run as
system service - so I assume that feature is already available? Or

> That sounds like a pretty weak argument, of the "Unix nostalgia" kind.
That is not an argument as such, I am just showing where I come from.
The primary values, so to say:) Yes, I like the true and proven ways
of good old Unix, and consider it architecturally suspicious where
people ignore them without very serious reason (well, at least I feel
obliged to question the reasons and challenge them:).


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