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I would suggest redefine the api that takes a GtkMenu directly in such a
way that it directly utilizes the submenus defined in the app. By
'direct utilizing' I mean popping up and popping down are triggered by
the indicator, but all other events are handled in the app. No event
forwarding is needed as GtkMenu has its own toplevel window and receives
real X events. The only difficulty is to maintain a smooth mouse/key

The majority of the api can base on GtkActions/GtkUIManager. The apps
that are impossible with GtkActions/GtkUIManager can then make use of
this api.


On Mon, 2010-02-22 at 00:25 +0000, desktop-devel-list-request gnome org

> There's a number of things you cannot do with GtkUIManager and
> GtkActions though, which is have access to the presentation of the
> menus.
> In gnome-bluetooth, I'd like to have bold menu items to represent
> connected devices. I would also like to have some control over whether
> device names will be ellipsised (or how). Both of which are currently
> not possible with GtkActions.
> > I would remove any API that takes a GtkMenu directly, since this is a
> > GtkWidget and really cannot be reliably proxied over D-Bus (what would
> > happen if I tried to poke in some of the widget properties of that
> > GtkMenu?).
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> > --danni
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