Proposing libgdata external dependency version bump


This is my first time proposing a dependency bump, so I apologise for whatever is lacking.

I am proposing a version bump for GNOME's external dependency on libgdata from 0.3 to the newly released 0.6.0.  Eye of GNOME 2.29.90 added a plugin, Postasa, for uploading images to Google's PicasaWeb photo sharing service as part of enhancement bug 600190 [1].  Postasa depends on libgdata 0.6.0 to access PicasaWeb.

I am the primary contributor for PicasaWeb support in libgdata, and the PicasaWeb support in libgdata is documented and well tested, striving to meet Philip Withnall's high standards.  I am also the author of the Postasa plugin, which was inspired by Lucas Rocha's Postr and which Felix Riemann has very kindly reviewed and added some testing.  I use EoG with Postasa regularly.

  Richard Schwarting


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