Re: Metacity towards GNOME 3.0

On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 5:29 AM, Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
> Metacity is an important component of GNOME 3 as the window manager in
> fallback mode. There's a couple of major things that need doing to make
> it work in the GNOME 3 stack that I wanted to bring up here. Both of
> them already have patches but we need to figure out exactly we want
> to do.
> Port to GTK+ 3.0
> ================
> GNOME 3 is supposed to be built with GTK+-3.0. Metacity currently can
> only built with GTK+ 2.0.
> Couple of choices here:
>  - We could leave it building with GTK+ 2 and ship both toolkits in
>   GNOME 3 (we might have to do that anyways; practically speaking
>   any OS shipping GNOME 3.0 will be including GTK+ 2 as well.)
>  - We could support dual building. This is tricky, but there exist
>   patches developed for Mutter to do this that could be ported
>   over. (Benjamin Otte spent quite a bit of time working on this,
>   and then a week or so after the changes landed, we realized there was
>   nobody still building Mutter against GTK+ 2, so it was pointless
>   to carry the complexity.)
>  - We could just make it require GTK+ 3.0. This is my suggestion -
>   GNOME 3 is a GTK+ 3.0-based desktop. Metacity is the GNOME
>   (fallback) window manager. GTK+ 3.0 will be released as a
>   stable toolkit before Metacity 3.0 is released. If people need
>   to Metacity build against older GTK+, the older tarballs aren't
>   going to be removed from the website.
>   If someone wants to use Metacity 3.0 in a legacy environment -
>   on an older operating system - the GSettings requirement, which we
>   can't get away from, would be a big problem.

Hi Owen,

Does this mean that libmetacity-private will also depend on GTK+ 3.0 ?
Compiz currently uses this library to handle frame drawing from
metacity themes and I need to know whether I need to update the deps


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Sam Spilsbury

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