Re: GNOME 3.0 in March 2011

On 28/07/10 15:48, Frederic Peters wrote:
> Hello all,
> A few release team members talked with various people during the first
> few days at GUADEC to get a better feeling of where we stand on our road
> to GNOME 3.0. We held a meeting later and decided that GNOME 3.0 should
> be postponed to March 2011 to make sure this release will have the high
> quality we all expect.
> Our community wants to be proud of what we will release as 3.0, and
> moreover, we don't want to disappoint our users who are excited about
> our goals for GNOME 3.0.
> We will still release a stable version of GNOME in September, and we'll
> call it 2.32. We encourage maintainers to add a configure flag to easily
> make their modules use GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3, or to create a gnome-2-32
> branch where the 2.32 work will be done.
> Thanks to the hard work the community has been doing in the last few
> months, we have achieved a lot for GNOME 3 and we therefore want to also
> release a GNOME 3 Beta in September. This will clearly send a signal
> that we want people to start playing with GNOME 3, and this will help
> build even more momentum before the release.
> Finally, it's important that everybody keeps focusing on making the
> GNOME 3 vision a reality: the additional time that we have until March
> 2010 should be used carefully and we encourage maintainers to target
> achievable goals during this new cycle.
> Cheers,
>         Frederic

Sorry I'm resurrecting the thread. I used part-GTK+ 3.0 desktop and I
noticed that version no longer follows the migration (i.e. 2.31.5 of
package uses GTK+ 3.0 but 2.31.6 uses GTK+ 2.0).

May I propose that:
Future 2.31.x/2.32.x uses GTK+ 2.0
Future 2.9x.x uses GTK+ 3.0 (especially if released along the 2.31.x/2.32.x)


PS. I'm sorry if similar proposal had passed - I haven't noticed it.

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