Re: gsettings-desktop-schemas & shared gsettings keys for 2.32

From: Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org>

> I was thinking how to make sure we don't have a real issue with
> gsettings and gconf at the same time for 2.32, and after some
> discussion, it seems a simple solution would be to just not ship
> gsettings-desktop-schemas as part of GNOME 2.32. This means GNOME 2.32
> would have no shared gsettings keys -- only keys specific to each
> application.

That means that gsetting-desktop-schemas module was approved?

As Andre Klapper gently pointed in his mail [1] answering one of my
questions, right now this module is in "might be an option" state.

It was proposed on a bugzilla bug [2], and although some people agreed
with that solution, it seems that there isn't any final decision yet.



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