Re: Module Proposal: Zeitgeist


Am Donnerstag, den 22.04.2010, 19:57 +0200 schrieb Siegfried-Angel
Gevatter Pujals:
> 2010/4/22 Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org>:
> > "We are discussing the issue and we don't see a problem to have our
> > trunk from launchpad ported to git with every release.", but release
> > team is too late for translators.
> Yeah, I agree that copying stuff over just before we release isn't
> really useful.
> Here is what I envision:
>  - Translations handled using GNOME infrastructure, that's fine.
>  - For the code, "trunk" could be moved to Git with Launchpad
> mirroring it. Most of the actual development would probably still
> happen in branches, but periodically landed into trunk. Rodrigo said
> that's what he does too so I don't see how it's a problem. (By the
> way, Seif and Markus will need Git accounts if that's what we do).

Well, it's actually up to you where you host your "private" repositories
so I guess that would be fine (as long as you accept patches that are
against git master). You won't make friends when saying: "Sorry, this
doesn't apply to my bzr branch, could you please update".

>  - Switching to another interface for bug/blueprints/reviews part is
> the biggest issue (it's not about the data, but the fact that
> Launchpad is what works best for us). Personally I'd be happy with a
> middle-ground like having Launchpad as the main tracker, but accepting
> bug reports on Bugzilla and forwarding those to Launchpad.

Could you explain why? Could you give facts? Is there something that
needs to be improved with GNOME infrastructure? Some specific for "your"


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