Re: GSettings and you

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 6:04 PM, Shaun McCance

> How do I use the keyfile backend? 'export GSETTINGS_BACKEND=keyfile'
> gives me this:
> Can't find GSettings backend 'keyfile' given in GSETTINGS_BACKEND
> environment variable
> I don't have anything under $libdir/gio/modules. Did I miss something?

The keyfile backend is built in, that is why it doesn't show up in the
modules dir. But it is not really meant to be used in that 'global'
fashion by setting the env var. Instead, you can use it for selected
schemas, by doing the following:

g_settings_backend_setup_keyfile ("blah", filename);
settings = g_settings_new_with_context ("org.bla.bla", "blah");

After that, settings that you get or set with that settings object
will be backed by the keyfile named filename. Note that you still need
to have an installed schema for "org.bla.bla".

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