Re: GSettings and you

On 04/21/2010 04:26 AM, Richard Hughes wrote:
> 1. The Gio /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gio-2.0.pc file has this:
> giomoduledir=${libdir}/gio/modules
> gsettingsschemadir=${prefix}/share/glib-2.0/schemas
> And yet when you do:
> pkg-config --variable gsettingsschemadir gio-2.0
> you get:
> /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas
> (i.e. the ${prefix} is substituted out, rather than being left to the
> configure to substitute itself with the correct value)

Nope, the ${prefix} is replaced with the ${prefix} defined in the same .pc
file.  Ie. you install schemas to where gio-2.0.pc thinks you should, not to
the prefix you are installing your package to.  I can see why that's not
desirable though.  Perhaps we should simply not use the variable from .pc
file?  Got to ask, what's the designed use case for that variable?

> This breaks "make distcheck" pretty hard. I fixed this with a bodge:

How does it break "make distcheck" though?  I can only imagine it breaking
"make install" with non-root.

IIRC I saw a similar issue with gobject-introspection gir files.


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