GSettings and you


with the GLib 2.25.1 and GConf 2.31.1 releases that I've made
yesterday, the results of last weeks GSettings hackfest are now

Some pieces of the puzzle are still missing:

 - Dconf is still being worked on

 - Support for lists of settings (like a lists of accounts, or
/desktop/gnome/url-handlers) is not there yet

 - The handling of enums is not very convenient yet

But we have more than enough in place now to let you start porting applications:

- Several fully functional backends

 - API documentation:

 - Man pages:

 - A porting guide:

 - An example:

Playing around with what we have now would be very helpful for
discovering the (undoubtedly existing) oversights and omissions in the
GSettings API. We recommend to use the GConf backend (see the
gnome-utils example for how to do that) until dconf is ready for prime

So, the race is on for the first release of a GSettings-based application.


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