Re: Module Proposal: GNOME Shell


> * The visual effects in GNOME Shell don't look much beyond what Doom
> 2 was doing on my completely unaccelerated 486 fifteen years ago,
> albeit with a lower resolution.  Furthermore, most of the time it is running
> with windows mapped one-to-one.  Surely an optimised path would be 
> possible for this case?  I assume (am I wrong?) that that would be a
> Clutter issue, not a GNOME Shell one.  I think that with this fixed, I could
> happily live with slower, software rendered zooming windows (and I
> suspect that the Clutter folks would quickly find some way to make it
> work faster in software too).

Let's see it the other way round: Is there any "old" hardware (e.g. last
5 probably even 10 years) that doesn't have 3D hardware acceleration?
Can you give an example?

If a particular hardware is not supported (well) on linux (or your
favorite OS) you can put effort into supporting in and I guess that
would be less work than to create a fully optimzied software code path.

Also note that game developers often optimized their engines in a
particular direction because they didn't really need much flexibility.


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