Re: Module Proposal: GNOME Shell

Le samedi 03 avril 2010 à 23:41 -0400, Owen Taylor a écrit : 
> >       * Radeon KMS drivers are very slow (too slow to run gnome-shell,
> >         at least) and still stabilizing. 
> Almost since the beginning 18 months ago, my personal gnome-shell
> development has been done on an ancient Radeon rv350 with KMS drivers.
> Not sure where your information is coming from.

It’s first-hand: 
01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690 [Radeon X1200 Series]

I’m running a very recent kernel+driver combination, and anything that
uses Clutter is still slow as hell.

> >       * Non-free drivers are terribly lagging behind in terms of
> >         non-core functionality (RandR? Ha, ha, ha.) 
> Not GNOME's problem.

It is, if you want to take into account such functionality for the core
desktop experience. Users already have to use different tools depending
on their hardware, only to switch resolutions.

Since one of your suggested workarounds for the non-working free drivers
is to use non-free drivers, you’d better check first whether that
affects other pieces of the desktop.

> Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be remoted with 3D acceleration. We
> can't hide our head in the sand and claim that remoting 3D is too hard
> and we must stick to 2D, because the end effect will simply be that
> people won't use our software.

Certainly not, but it’s putting the cart before the horse. As long as
such technologies are not mainline, something like GNOME Shell will
remain a technology preview.

> > As things are going, you are leaving us no choice but to keep shipping
> > gnome-panel by default for a very long time, unless we want to provide
> > two radically different user experiences.
> How does "shipping gnome-panel by default" not equal providing two
> radically different user experiences?

That is, comparing to ship GNOME Shell by default and degrading to
gnome-panel if the configuration isn’t supported. We can ship GNOME
Shell as an alternate session - actually, we already do.

> But anyways, if you are speaking for Debian, the GNOME Shell team's goal
> is to make you ship GNOME Shell by default, by making it so cool and
> obviously better that your users will run you out of town if you leave
> them with old the GNOME 2 panel. :-)

Given its current state, especially the menu, I’m afraid enabling it
would make them run away. But the effort is certainly appreciated :)

And before you ask: yes, I will file bugs about the menu’s usability.
But first I need a driver that gets it to work.

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