Re: Module Proposal: GNOME Shell

From: Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>

> At a technical level, once he finishes up his current immediate work on
> the message tray Dan Winship is going to dedicate a chunk of time
> (probably around a month or so) to pushing things forward. What exactly
> he works is going to depend on further investigation, but I would
> imagine he'll do is work with the Clutter and Ca11y folks to figure out
> a solid Clutter+ATK story (is ca11y something separate, should it be
> integrated into Clutter, if it's separate, how do the modules get
> loaded, etc), then figure out how that fits in with the GNOME Shell
> toolkit and the ways that we build our user interface. Because
> individually making clutter actors accessible isn't going to produce a
> comprehensible, useful screen read of the shell.

About how load a11y related modules:

About Shell Toolkit a11y extra support:

About Clutter and his relation with Cally (for any reason Emmanuele
Bassi answer is not available in the archive):


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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