Danger: older bugs are getting squashed with NEEDINFO

   Im sorry I missed the memo if there was one, I woke up this
morning to a full page of bugmail, deleting valid bugs from the
buglist and throwing them into a NEEDINFO state.

Javier pointed me to a blog post[0] which describes a new policy
to mark bugs as NEEDINFO after one year. I'm raising the flag here
on d-d-l because it concerns us all and I think every maintainer
needs to know this policy is currently in effect.

I know the guys mean well, and I cannot express my gratitude
enough for the efficiency that the bugsquad has for closing
some crash bugs that really do need info.

Suffice it to say; I really need to know this policy is going to stop,
or at least not effect Glade bugs.

Thank you,


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