Re: New Module Proposal. libseed

On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 9:59 PM, Robert Carr <carrr rpi edu> wrote:
> So far, Seed adoption is still somewhat light. Epiphany-webkit in GIT
> contains a system for writing
> extensions in Seed, which seems to be working fairly well. In addition
> GNOME-games contains
> lightsoff, a Clutter game written in Seed. Same GNOME is also likely
> to be replaced with
> something based off the same-seed example, over the 2.6.28 cycle (work
> on GNOME-games and
> Seed is occurring as part of
> ).

+1 from me. Robert has been very responsive and his team of minions
have made changes whenever I've asked.

I think we must have both engines. The JS optimization battle between
Mozilla and Apple is just now heating up; we cannot wait until the
battle is over to pick a winner and start working with JavaScript.

Having JS with which we can:

A) attract web developers to our platform with little relearning
B) interface with myriad JS-driven web-apps-to-desktop-apps; think
Mozilla Prism, Adobe AIR, HTML5, Google Gears

is critical to our ability to adapt to the web-oriented marketplace.

In summary: we need both engines and we need them in our platform
sooner rather than later.

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