krb5-auth-dialog propsal

I'd like to propose krb5-auth-dialog for inclusion into gnome 2.28. It's
a tray applet that can be used to acquire and renew Kerberos tickets
It optionally uses libnotify to alert about ticket exiration. When built
against heimdal Kerberos it supports pkinit (ticket acquisition via
smart card). See:

for more details and some screenshots.

Purpose: acquire and release Kerberos ticket
Target: desktop
Dependencies: either MIT or Heimdal Kerberos
Resource usage: 
	GNOME ftp: already used
	GNOME bugzilla: already used
	GNOME git: already used
Adoption: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva
License: GPLv2

Main purpose is the acquisition of a Kerberos ticket (if it's not
already being acquired via pam during logon (gdm) e.g. on a laptop not
always having net access) and the (auto-)renewal of tickets. It also
features a simple dbus interface that can be used by applications using
GSSAPI (e.g. evo, epiphany, virt-manager) to request the acquisition of
a Kerberos ticket (instead of failing authentication). Virt-manager
already uses this if available.
 -- Guido

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