Re: Proposing libchamplain as an external dependancy for GNOME 2.28


John Stowers wrote:
> Unfortunately, the original TangoGPS author, [...], ignores any
> emails from me, other osm-gps-map developers, or users, that request
> permission to change the license of osm-gps-map to LGPL.
> I guess the lesson here is to never create a library, derived from a
> GPL project, unless you are sure that the original copy write holders
> are open to re-licensing those parts of the code to LGPL, aka mature
> and reasonable people.

There are good reasons to choose GPL even for a library[1]. The
code's author not agreeing to relicense his GPL'd code under LGPL does
not give you permission to insult him as ›unreasonable‹ or ›immature‹
like you did above.

I think just ignoring such relicencing requests is perfectly
fine behaviour, esp. if, as you seem to imply above, multiple
persons have pestered the author about it.



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