Yes, you can help with session saving!

Dear friends,

We have a nearly-working implemention of session saving in trunk at the
moment (thanks to efforts from Lucas!). However, a bunch of small bugs
makes it not good enough for real use.

I put a patch in that
should make things work reasonably well, but it needs some testing.
Especially if we want to try to push this in 2.26.0 (not sure I'll push
the patch there -- it's really late for this :/)

So I'd appreciate if people could compile gnome-session with this patch
and test to see if things are working okay.

You'll likely notice some non-gnome-session bugs like:

 + some apps being saved while they shouldn't (tomboy when it's running
   as an applet, eg)
 + issues with gnome-terminal session saving. There's a not-100%-correct
   patch available.
 + issues with gedit session saving. There's a patch that should be
 + issues with nautilus session saving. There's a patch that should be
 + maybe some other issues with other apps (I quickly tried evince and
   ephy and they seemed to work fine)

So, yeah, there are issues with apps. But on the session manager side,
things should be much better with the patch. You can look at
~/.config/gnome-session/saved-session/ to make sure the session is
correctly saved.

We should also make sure that gdm still works fine (it should) since
it's using gnome-session.

Oh, there's one known issue: the save button in the session capplet
doesn't do anything -- unlikely to get fixed for 2.26.0; maybe we should
just hide the button for now?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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