Re: bug-buddy integration

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 8:53 PM, Brian Nitz <Brian Nitz sun com> wrote:
>>>  - plug-ins for distro specific capture tools (strace, ktrace, truss,
>>> dtrace, mdb, pstack, gdb, dbx,...)
>> I'd note that this data is actually overrated. Useful, yes, but even
>> the primitive information we used to get was very useful when we got
>> it in volume and we had eyes poring over it for clues. I have a sense
>> that the current emphasis on all these various tools (with their
>> attendant complexities) makes perfect data collection the enemy of
>> good data collection.
> I agree that too much information in the capture can be at least as much of
> a problem as too little.  Still, it would be nice to capture enough to have
> a unique 'bug/crash fingerprint'.  Everyone tells me this is impossible, but
> I'm an optimist.

To be clear, it isn't that I object to the extra information; it is
terrific if you can get it. It's just that if I could choose between a
system that gets me low-quality data tomorrow, or high-quality data
2-4 release cycles from now, I'd choose the timely low-quality data in
a heartbeat, and I think that many other people are instead opting for
the latter because they believe the low-quality data is not useful.


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