Re: New module proposal: libdmapsharing

On Fri, 2009-06-26 at 16:08 -0400, W. Michael Petullo wrote:
> Purpose:
> libdmapsharing is a library to access and share DMAP (DAAP & DPAP)
> content. This library is written in C using GObject and libsoup. The DMAP
> family of protocols are used by products such as iTunes, iPhoto and the
> Roku SoundBridge family to share content such as music and photos.
> Libdmapsharing is now hosted at SourceForge
> ( I am interested in
> moving the project to the GNOME development infrastructure.

FYI, libdmapsharing's original code comes from the DAAP code of

> Target:
> Developer platform

Certainly not. The protocol(s) being implemented are not open in any
way, and libdmapsharing doesn't support newer versions of the protocols
after Apple closed them down.

> GNOME-ness:
> Complimentary to GUPnP, libdmapsharing will allow GNOME application
> developers to provide support for popular media sharing protocols.
> Libdmapsharing's use of GObject and libsoup make it a natural fit for the
> GNOME platform. I am willing to work with the various sub-projects on
> features such as internationalization.

Yep, except that gupnp and other providers of the UPNP protocol (such as
Coherence that powers Rhythmbox' and Totem's UPNP support) rely on an
open protocol.

> Miscellaneous:
> GNOME media applications such as GTHUMB are candidates for an increased
> feature set provided by libdmapsharing. Rhythmbox presently contains
> similar functionality (in fact, libdmapsharing was originally pulled from
> Rhythmbox's implementation), but libdmapsharing separates the code into a
> reusable library and adds DPAP (photo) support.

Yes! I'd love for gthumb or any other photo app to integrate with iPhoto
(does it support iPhoto, in the same way that we can't support being
iTunes clients for anything beyond iTunes 6.x?).

I'd approve libdmapsharing as an external dependency without any
problems, not as a developer dep though...


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