Re: New module proposal: libdmapsharing

Hi Mike,

thanks for your interest in making libdmapsharing an official part of
GNOME (though the proposal deadline for 2.28 has already passed).

Am Freitag, den 26.06.2009, 16:08 -0400 schrieb W. Michael Petullo:
> Purpose:
> libdmapsharing is a library to access and share DMAP (DAAP & DPAP)
> content. This library is written in C using GObject and libsoup. The DMAP
> family of protocols are used by products such as iTunes, iPhoto and the
> Roku SoundBridge family to share content such as music and photos.

I wonder if this may interfere with other existing projects, e.g.
Conduit? (Though Conduit has not seen a release since 21-Oct-2008 so I
wonder how active the development currently is.)

> Target:
> Developer platform
> Dependencies:
> Existing dependencies include Avahi, GLib 2.0, libsoup and zlib.
> Resource usage:

These are the *planned* resources.

Hmm, I see only one release tarball at so far.
Mentioning because "Modules should show a steady progress" according to - on the other
hand there is a lot of project activity in the repo.

> GNOME-ness:
> Complimentary to GUPnP, libdmapsharing will allow GNOME application
> developers to provide support for popular media sharing protocols.
> Libdmapsharing's use of GObject and libsoup make it a natural fit for the
> GNOME platform. I am willing to work with the various sub-projects on
> features such as internationalization.

Do user-visible strings exist? It seems there is no i18n support at all.

Does API documentation (gtk-doc format?) for developers exist?

> 3.0 readiness:
> No clear conflicts exist with the GNOME 3.0 plan. I am looking forward to
> working with the GNOME project to ensure libdmapsharing is fully compliant
> with the goals of 3.0.


> Miscellaneous:
> GNOME media applications such as GTHUMB are candidates for an increased
> feature set provided by libdmapsharing. Rhythmbox presently contains
> similar functionality (in fact, libdmapsharing was originally pulled from
> Rhythmbox's implementation), but libdmapsharing separates the code into a
> reusable library and adds DPAP (photo) support.

Also see .

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