External dependency: icontool


Currently, we are using icon-naming-utils in gnome-icon-theme to create
the backwards-compatible symlinks for icons. However, I've created the
icontool [1] project to subsume this task, as well as provide useful
tools for managing other aspects of themes and icons in applications. As
part of that, there is also now the icontool-render script, which takes
a single-canvas SVG [2], and generates individual PNG images of the
icons contained within it. This single-canvas workflow makes it much
easier to maintain icons in themes and different projects.

As such, I would like to have icontool be a blessed external dependency
in GNOME 2.27+, so that we can switch to using it in gnome-icon-theme,
for maintaining the compatibility symlinks, and rendering icons from the
single canvas SVGs, which we intend to migrate to in the relatively near
future, for all the icons in gnome-icon-theme.

-- Rodney

[1] http://launchpad.net/icontool
[2] http://jimmac.musichall.cz/i.php?i=git3

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