Re: new dependencies in gvfs

On Mon, 2009-06-01 at 21:29 +0200, BJörn Lindqvist wrote:
> Unfortunately, not all distros are that wise. Other distros will
> decide not to split it or split it differently exacerbating the problem
> with figuring out missing dependencies (e.g. pkg-config complains
> about missing gnome-disk-utility-libs, what Debian package should you
> install?).

This has never been a big problem before. You use auto-apt, apt-file, or
go to and search for
gnome-disk-utility-libs.pc. As a package maintainer, I'm good with this
not being split at the source level. It's just business as usual.

See you,

Gustavo Noronha <gns gnome org>
GNOME contributor

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