2.6.31 kernel requirements for gnome-bluetooth


In the next couple of days, I'll be committing a patch to
gnome-bluetooth which uses the new rfkill sub-system in the Linux
kernel, which is due for inclusion in 2.6.31.

The current code uses HAL.

The bug is here:

This would fix 2 big problems, and offer a solution for another:
- Firstly HAL doesn't give us updated killswitch information, because
we'd need to be polling to get the updated status. This causes the menu
items and preferences to show outdated information:
- The second problem is that we don't know when the hardware switch was
enabled, and would be trying to enable the device in software (which
would utterly fail). Causes the same problems as above.

Finally, it allows people with Bluetooth USB dongles to disable them
without unplugging the device.

If /dev/rfkill support isn't present, you just won't be able to
enable/disable Bluetooth through the menus/preferences.


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