Glade: big plans with no hands

Hello Desktop Hackers,
   Since as usual I was not available to be barking insanities at
palm trees at GUADEC this year, and also since Javier Jardón made
the amazing contribution of redoing[0] for us
in a much more simple and modern way, I was motivated draw out a
roadmap[1] to a very achievable future of Glade.

So, why am I writing to you ?
   I felt it was my responsibility to share with you what is really
bearly in our grasp, but I cannot do for GNOME by my self this year.

To tell you the truth, I think we can provide a development environment
for GNOME that really beats other platforms, I think we can achieve the
level of object class integration available in other modern designer tools
I've seen recently (tools with rigid and restricted platforms such as Xcode's
ObjC or Flash Creator's Action Script), except in our case, we can bundle up
any GObject based UI toolkit and custom widget type in a generic way
using our new introspection framework, most of which is already
cross-platform portable code; and on top of it you can use the language
of your choice (am I missing something here or doesnt that beat
everyone ? I'll let someone else figure out why it costs > 40MB to install
Glade on OSX, Im sure thats just sillyness though).

So, if you are just curious and want to know what kind of nonsense I would
be blabbering to the palm trees this year had I been at GUADEC, give 'er a
read for the hell of it, if it interests you please comment, if there
is interest
in this kind of thing we can try to organize it and make these items happen,
its not all that hard work in the end, personally I have to step back and
work on bugs and regular features unless others step in.

Thanks all for your attention ;-)


[0] Many thanks as well to the Nemiver team for letting us use the design,
and Rafael (pachi) Villar Burke for helping us translate it into python.

[1] Ive split the attached document into items on a hypothetical
roadmap for Glade:

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