On flames (Was: GNOME and non-linux platforms)

2009/7/24 Jason D. Clinton <me jasonclinton com>:
> On another note, there are now just as many emails in my GMail view of this
> conversation about the thread as there are of the thread itself (many of
> them are off-list seething hate mail from current and former Sun and Red Hat
> employees). By my count, there would be a 36% less noise in this thread if
> people would stop appointing themselves d-d-l police. Incidentally, this is
> the same reason that #gnome-hackers is now practically dead--everyone is so
> afraid of offending un-written, ambiguous rules of content on #gnome-hackers
> (apparently enforced at a whim vis-a-vis the ban of Rupert) that no one
> talks at all.

Jason, it is not acceptable to point to RH and Sun people over here,
when it was you the one who brought the whole "Sun should realize that
OpenSolaris is a dead end" statement to a list where none can do
anything to make the relevant people at Sun realize such thing even if
it was true.

If you want to see desktop devel and #gnome-hackers going back to the
good old times where they were useful communication channels, start by
behaving yourself and consider the usefulness and how provocative your
messages can be before clicking 'Send'.

Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz

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